Four Critical Features
To be effective, any Internet ad or promotion must be grounded by four fundamental requirements. THiNKAboutCollege.netfulfills each one.

‣ Connected
Unlike ads delivered using generalized keywords, 
you know exactly with whom your ad will be placed 
— they’re your neighbors.

‣ Visible
Your ad is always delivered “above the fold,” never hidden in clutter or “delivered” out of sight.

‣ Engaged
Our layout is clean and easy to navigate, inviting users to interact with your ad.

‣ Secure
Wrapped in a secure social network, your ad is “brand safe” and can never be negatively impacted by inappropriate content or comments.



Ads & Promotions that deliver!
Research shows that students and parents are most receptive to opt-in presentations — that’s why
THiNKAboutCollege.netuses them exclusively

THiNKAboutCollege.netis unlike anything else on the market. Developed with a common sense approach, it provides users a personalized experience with both editorial content and your ad.

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