item5All the wisdom in the world is useless
unless it helps you become career and college ready.

THiNKAboutCollege.netprovides exactly what you need in order to take effective action. Here’s a sample of just a few of the tools we’ll equip you with to make your career and college preparation, exploration, application, and selection hassle-free:

for students & parents…
Personal profile (helps keep both you and the system on course)
Interactive calendar (track important events and deadlines)
Personalized roadmap
          (set your own course rather than being steered by others)
Academic Chronicle
     – high school course planner
– chronicle academic & extra curricular activity
     – postable portfolio (allows colleges to find you)
Customized college search criteria
Budget advisor / calculator / worksheet
College “fit” worksheet
College offer analyzer

for counselors…
Interactive calendar (post school specific and local activity)
Local scholarship listing (list little know local resources)
Document organizer
          (post downloadable examples of common forms)
Assignment tracker
          (assign and follow the progress of your students)