Private Offering

THINK Communications is making a private equity offering under the Securities Act of 1933 Sub-Section 4(a)(2), Regulation D § 230.506(c). Under this regulation, only accredited investors who meet the Accreditation Requirements may participate.
(See “accredited investors” to determine if you qualify.)


Key Elements

Management has formulated this offering to provide investors with a quality investment vehicle through the issuance of Convertible Participating Preferred Shares. This offer provides

8% stated cumulative dividend
Compared to current 5-year “jumbo” CDs which offer rates of 0.6% to 2.0%, THINK’s offering is very competitive.

8% aggregate participation of net income
In consideration of the risks involved with a new venture, a payment of 8% aggregate participation of yearly net income is made in addition to the 8% stated cumulative dividend.

5-year “call” protection
Convert Preferred Shares to Common Shares

Much can happen in 5 years, including the possible acquisition by any number of businesses in this market sector. To provide upside protection, investors can exercise a 1 to 12.8 conversion privilege in order to convert their preferred holding to common voting shares any time within the first five years of the offering.

Call price set at 110% of Par Value
Should an investor choose not to convert, THINK has set a call price at 110% of par value.

Minimum investment
The minimum purchase amount is 100 shares at a Par Value Price of $100 per share for an aggregate dollar amount of $10,000.

Use of Funds

All funds are applied directly toward software engineering, editorial development, marketing, sales, professional services, equipment, and other operational costs.


Make a difference

Following Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point axiom that “little things can make a big difference,” the relatively small investment in THiNKAboutCollege.net can return tremendous financial and social rewards.

Based on pro forma projections, your investment would provide an Internal Rate of Return of 61.5%.

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